Lil' Christmas

This is a book review by Jackson ... kinda.

Like many families, we split up the holidays between both sides of the family. We get to have two Christmases. We always have our first one with Eric's side of the family.
We've dubbed it Lil' Christmas, and everyone is always thrilled to be able have a whole weekend of festivities, family and fun.
One of the gifts Jackson received from his great-grandparents was this book:

Pop and Dearie recorded the story for each grandchild - complete with bells, laughter, cheer and each child's name when appropriate.
When I turned the pages and heard their voices acting out the story, my heart nearly fell onto the book. I had to blink back the tears.
I hadn't seen these but apparently they are from Hallmark. I know it is getting a bit late for gifts, but I highly recommend this book, especially for those children who don't get to be around members of family very often.
I was thrilled to know that while Jackson doesn't get to see Pop and Dearie very often, he will be able to hear them read his bedtime story each night.
And sure enough, he has requested the tale many times.


Sylvie said…
What a wonderful idea and gift! I wonder if there are other titles that can be recorded. Needless to say I would love to record a book for Jackson--lots of them! Maybe while you are here....

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