Toe Pick

We've got a climber.
I was not a climber.
But, I've heard stories of a tiny Eric making his way up refrigerators and garage shelves, so we knew this might be an inherited skill.
This evening, after Jackson had specifically opened the drawers of his changing table just a tiny bit so as to use them as steps to reach the top, it was only a few seconds before the middle drawer began to pinch his tiny toes.
He hopped down and came running over to show me the damage.
"Well, that's why you shouldn't climb your changing table," I said.
His toes were fine but he still needed to find a place for the blame.
He shook a tiny finger at the toe-pinching drawer.
"We say 'no! no' changing table! I need my toe back," was Jackson's response.
Then he promptly marched right over to that vicious piece of furniture, reached in to the middle drawer, retrieved an invisible toe and placed it back on to his tiny toe.


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