Stop Leaf!

Ever since we began reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit from Sylvie's childhood book, Jackson has been hooked.
Shortly after he was born, Sylvie, my mother's cousin, sent this book, that had been hers as a little girl. I kept the worn, red book in the nursery for when the right moment came along.
Late last year, we started to read it.
I wanted him to be ready because the book is delicate with age. Each page is fragile and the spine is weak. But the story is as vivid to him as if it were hot of the press.
He fell so deeply in love with the story, we read it each night before bed.
And then someone sent him a tiny, abridged, board book of Peter Rabbit's story and not only would we have to read the board book, but then we would have to follow it up with the original.
There was a lot of Beatrix Potter in our house during those months.
But he devoured it. He memorized nearly every word. Finishing sentences, counting currant buns, shouting phrases and adding sound effects.
He is always ready create sounds for the "scritch and scratch" of Mr. McGregor's hoe. He raises and drops his chin when quoting Peter's "lippity, lippity" hops through the garden and when he raises his arm and shouts "Stop Thief!" it sounds more like "Stop Leaf!" Every time we get to the page where Peter is trapped in a gooseberry net, Jackson has to turn the book upside down to truly study Peter's face.
To top things off, when he is finally tucked in bed and the lights are out he asks for me to tell him another story. Maybe the Peter Rabbit story? Thankfully, I now have it memorized.
Not long after Peter came into our lives, a bunny moved in under the deck. I thought the bunny wouldn't hang around long after learning that a dog lives here, but it appears that the bunny and Elvis have come to an agreement.
The agreement being: the bunny does whatever it wants and Elvis doesn't care.
The two have even stared at each other for long periods of time while they both go about their business in the backyard. The bunny is now so carefree I catch him sunning in clumps of grass nearly each afternoon.
With his eyes closed.
And a mohito.
We have, of course, named him Peter and as the days warm Jackson goes out to visit him. Eventually, he tries to get closer, ends up chasing after him when Peter has had enough and then he stands at the fence and calls "Peter! Peter!"
Peter always comes back to the safety of the deck.
Yesterday, it was incredibly windy and things had been strewn all over the yard. We've had some stormy moments.
We were worried about Peter.
Would he be safe under the deck?
Turns out he had an even better hiding spot.
Safe and dry with a view.

Can you find him?


Lori said…
Beatrix Potter was my favorite as a child! I actually saved up my "own" money and bought the complete collection in 2nd grade! I now read them to Colleen and she loves them as well!
Sylvie said…
Sweet bunny! How funny about Peter and Elvis! Love it.
Anonymous said…
He looks very cozy tucked under there. Elvis will have to refresh Izzy on the terms of the "agreement".
Sylvie said…
P. S. Sylvie is YOUR cousin as well as your mother's. First cousin-once removed is, I believe, the precise term, making her Jackson's first cousin-twice removed. I really wish we weren't operating from such removed positions! ;)

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