April Fools*

Never have I ever "been gotten" so many times on this practical-joke of a holiday. We are truly a gullible bunch as all were believed, if only for a few seconds.
Between the members of my family and my coworkers, here are a few of the pranks given and received today:

A pregnant relative (this was done twice)
A co-worker resigning (this was done twice)
Accidental swallowing of a tiny "knick-knack"
An impromptu presentation to the president of the company
Someone (Elvis? Jax?) had pooped in the middle of our bed (this one had me screaming while running down the hall to find Eric clutching his sides with laughter)
A canceled party
Google versus Topeka on planet Mars
Sweaty mouse click technology
Starbucks size changes

What have we learned today? I will believe anything.

What did you believe?

*happy birthday, cookie!


Cookie said…
Aw, thank you!

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