The Texts They Are A-Changing

I always get a kick out of regular posts about text messages saved in her phone. And then I got to thinking about how much the text messages in my own phone have changed since we bought a house and had a child. And then they changed again once other friends joined the house/kid bandwagon. While the players may have stayed the same, the content has taken a decidedly different turn.
Texts from her phone are always hilarious and good indicators a fun time was being had somewhere and late into the night.
My saved texts indicate while it may have been late in the night, it wasn't always a good time.

A recent sampling:

Maybe. Pretty crabby and starting to pull his ear a little. I took them all to the park bc we are having an open house today. I'll take him in tomorrow.

Feel free to bring Jack. Place is a mess and still waiting on couch and table and chairs.

Fever broke!!


11 lunch then play or something else?

Still has fever - going home drs appt at 4. Update later!

Good to hear! I might have some work for Eric when I get my house, he works for pizza and beer right?

i have now vacuumed and dusted my whole apt. i need you to call me soon.

Safe and sound

Pneumonia? Start texting sister.


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