Jackson, it is time to go to sleep.

But Mama, will you read Manny to me?

No, we have already read your book and now it is time to go to sleep.

But Mama!

You may keep it with you in bed, and read it to yourself if you like.

At this he wrinkled his brow, raised both hands into the air as if I was crazy to have forgotten and shouted: But Mama! I can't read!


Sylvie said…
Ahahahaha! Well I think he wins that argument!
Also, makes me think of a Christopher story! Chris did not go to daycare, and back then they were not teaching much in kindergarten, so when he got to first grade he still did not know how to read many words besides his name. So when we got home after the first day of first grade, I said "How did you like school?" He replied, "It was okay and my teacher is nice, but all we did was play!" His tone made this sound like a complaint, which surprised me, so I said, "Well you like to play don't you?"
"Yes, BUT," he said, "I thought we were gonna learn to read!" LOL! So cute. But anyway I said, "You know you can't learn to read everything in one day! It takes a long time to learn to read!" To which he replied, "WELL THEN WE SHOULD HAVE GOT STARTED!"
:)) Can't argue with that!

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