Super Bowl

Is it wrong to take pictures in church?
Surely, I get a free pass when its Easter, both boys are donning sweater vests and Jackson is mesmerized by the choir's horns.
Yes, surely.
Happy Easter.


Sylvie said…
It is not wrong to take pictures in church. It might be wrong to wear horns in church, even if you're in the choir. In fact, especially if you're in the choir. But, as long as Jackson pays attention, I say horns/schmorns, it could be worse. I saw yesterday that on Facebook you can become a fan of Episcopal priest Barbie, so I guess it's all go in the church these days!
Sylvie said…!/group.php?gid=105139079524495&ref=nf.
Anonymous said…
I'd pay close attention to a choir with horns too. Both boys look angelic.

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