The Triple-Crowned Babysitter

As a new parent, I am always learning from Jack, his teachers, fellow classmates, doctors etc. But I learn even more from fellow mothers. Particularly those who have much more experience rearing children than I. One thing I have learned is that Other Mothers don't like to give out the names of their babysitters.
It is so difficult to find a quality babysitter when you don't have family nearby. So once you've found one you want to lock them in the attic and keep them all to yourself. They are precious and rare. They are 17-year-old diamonds. They are old enough to drive themselves home and young enough to still be free on a Friday night.
It's a tiny window of opportunity and everyone wins.
We need a night out. They need the cash.
Our sitter, who I will refer to here as Prez, is an all-around great kid.
Last night we attended a birthday party. Nearly everyone had a child that needed babysitting so the sitter stand-off began early.
Like owners comparing the race stats of our prized thoroughbreds, the competition got fierce.
"My baby-sitter is sooooo sweet," one guest said.
"My baby-sitter is, too," I responded. "We've known him since he was 13 in the church youth group."
Prez sweeps up the Kentucky Derby.
"My baby-sitter goes to {insert name of very good high school}," she volleyed.
"Oh! Ours does, too," we quipped.
A close finish, but I think Prez' nose edged out a win for The Preakness.
He's very tall.
"When my baby-sitter shows up, she brings her homework, " she boasted.
"Our baby-sitter brought his AP flashcards to study," I mentioned. "He plans to CLEP out of 14 college hours."
He takes the Belmont Stakes.
Later in the evening when I reenacted the battle for our spirited Prez, he is impressed and proud to have performed so well.
He only had one concern.
"Next time, don't forget to mention that I'm also the SGA president."


Sylvie said…
LOL! Who is this thoroughbred? Tell him that the real money is in stud fees! ahahahahahahaha! (I think when I get on this blog I turn into Eric.)
Houpley said…
he is a great kid we used to teach. sometimes he does behave like a 17-year-old boy, but for the most part he is very mature! jack likes him.

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