I'd wait at least 30 minutes before notifying the authorities

I really like the husband. Kinda why I married him.

Who would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?

When it comes to selecting a mate, a best friend, etc the no. 1 rule is to pick a person you love hanging out with for hours, days, week, months, and years at a time. Not just someone you can tolerate for expanses of time - but choose someone you know will lean back in a mauve naugahyde waiting-room chair to tell you how much the receptionist looks like Jerry Seinfeld.
Choose someone who will not only enjoy it when you decide to make a Broadway musical out of the grocery list but will offer up a chorus for the program as well.
Choose someone who will dance with you in an empty lobby where there no music at all.
Choose someone who can make a tedious time hilarious.
That is to say the husband and I have a good time anywhere. We have had some of the best times in waiting rooms, grocery lines, boring parties, church services - you get my point.
If I were stuck in an elevator with him...we just might make use of some of that private time.

Happy anniversary, babe.


Sylvie said…
LOVE THIS! So cute! And love you both to pieces! May I post some pics of your wedding? I neeeed to!

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