This afternoon, after I had scooped Jackson up and was about to leave his school, he thrust his arm in my face and said "Bite."
I checked his sheet, and sure enough there was note: Jackson was bitten on right arm.
It wasn't a terrible wound, but it did leave a mark.
I asked his teachers what happened and they mentioned that a girl had bitten him and another boy today.
"She's very aggressive," they said.
I asked who had been nibbling on my baby and they shuffled their feet and looked down saying they aren't really at liberty to divulge names. Trust me, this policy has worked in Jackson's favor a time or two before when we were dealing with first-year molars. I guess their witness-protection program eliminates any dirty looks between parents the next morning. Either way, I had a suspect in mind.
It occurred to me that Jackson is becoming quite the conversationalist, so on the way home I glanced in the rear view mirror and asked him point blank to rat out which classmate had invaded his 18 inches.
"Who bit you today, Jack?"
We discussed bullies this evening and how he should handle the situation should it arise tomorrow.
"What do you tell Phoebe?"
"No-no, Phoebe! No bite!"
If it doesn't work, I'll have to take the bitch out myself.


sylvie said…
Yes, I can't wait for the headlines: Mother goes ballistic at daycare; bites baby girl! :))

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