Grateful to give

The Giving Tree continues to shapeshift into different stages of my life.

As a child, it broke my heart - such a undeserving boy.

As a teenager, it disappointed me - surely, I would never be like that, Shel!

As a parent, it understands me - I'm grateful for the giving.

Even as a child reading this classic, I knew this kid was trouble. How could he? How dare he?
What a user.
So cold.
So completely unaware of the incredible life force bending, begging, willing itself to be a part of his every move. Tortured by his lack of attention. Dismayed and alone as his heart, his boy, tromps past each milestone of life without nary a glance.
And yet it still gives.
Still loves.
Still straightens its weary stump. Desperate to give to this shriveled old man looking for a place of rest a comfortable spot in the woods.
Like a mother.
Like a father.
We'll take the hits. We'll gladly watch from the kitchen window, yellow curtains pulled slightly to the left, just so we can get a tiny glimpse of the growing up.
We're grateful for every crumb. Devouring the delicious, tiny moments as they are dropped from messy toddlers-turned-teenagers and emotional teenagers-turned-adults.
And when they return to you for those moments of rest, recharging, rejuvenation - we'll turn our bodies to boats.
Always at the ready to hollow out a space for their troubles to float away on.
Always donating our arms for uplifting tree-houses of safety.
Always an ear to carve their sweetheart's initials on.
Giving. Always.
Always grateful to give.


Sylvie said…
Whoa! That's intense! But I totally get what you're saying. Even so, maybe you can relax for a few years, because based on yourself, and Chris, and obviously Eric, odds are Jack is going to be a lot more reciprocal than that kid was.
Anonymous said…
Is this because of the diaries?
Houpley said…
no! plinky's prompt was what childhood book was meaningful to you. so...
Sylvie said…
What diaries? Spill it, you two!

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