Egged Corduroy

It's like whoever invented Easter knew exactly what little children were all about: finding things and putting things in things.
It is his second Easter, but during the first one he was merely in training for the event. This time around he was ready for Easter-Olympics and the boy did not disappoint.
We were worried.
"Would he know what to do with the eggs? The basket?"
We predicted.
"Surely, he'll just enjoy being around the other kids."
We were concerned.
"We'll just have to wait and see."
Little did we know the kid has honed egg-finding skills. We didn't know we had an Easter machine in our home. He was born to collect pastels and stuff them in baskets of any kind: totes, plastic bags, etc.
However, he does have only a mild competitive streak.
After finding each egg, he would then plop down to inspect the new treasure and see what was inside. Once he was completely satisfied with its contents, he would then rise to continue the hunt. This strategy worked well during his egg hunt at school, during the egg hunt at the Bass Pro Shop (that's a whole other post) and during his numerous egg hunts at home. However, during the church egg hunt, the game was on and by the time he was done checking the insides of two eggs, the rest of the nest was empty. Those 0 to 5-year-old church kids are hard core.
Fortunately, Eric had seen a few eggs tucked in the rafters and lifted him to great heights of egg finding. It was a big score for the basket.
As for the adorable Easter outfits planned, the cold and rainy weather forced us to reconfigure. So we thought this would be the perfect debut for his hand-me-down corduroy blazer from The Dutch! An adorable piece, but one that was still too big. My mother said he looked like a little homeless boy, so we decided to go with the spring-vest ensemble.
When I went to remove the coat for a wardrobe change, our little Easter machine went fierce. Fashionably fierce.
He would not remove the coat. No pleading, begging or convincing. The coat stays, he basically explained. No way was he taking off the coat that made his fans squeal from the adorableness.
So we hit the Easter scene with our giant-blazered, sweet-cheeked, egg-hunting expert who enjoyed the music, flowers, fans and candy-filled eggs that Sunday morn.
It is now Wednesday and we are still hunting eggs. We are on a five-day egg-finding bender. The best part is that when found, they elicit a giant peal of delight that entertains us all. They are in my house slippers, book shelves, sofa cushions and living-room corners.
I'm hoping their entertainment value will last until Christmas.


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