Keep On Truckin'

While Jackson works on developing his enunciation, sometimes it is a challenge to figure out what he is trying to tell you. Eric and I rarely have trouble interpreting and understanding him.
However, this weekend we went to visit Nonnie and Paw-Paw and they were not quite tuned in to some parts of Jackson's language. Keeping that in mind, sometimes things can get a bit...uncomfortable.
For example, when Jackson was pushing around a firetruck, his Aunt Emily asked:
"Whatcha got there?"
"A What?
"Uh...a truck?"
"Yeah. Biiiig Cock."
"Paw-paw's Cock."

Unfortunately, this also occurs when we are discussing "socks" and when something is "stuck."
I try to avoid these touchy topics when in public. Eric brings them up at all times.


sylvie said…
ROFL! Ya gotta love 'em! In the male mind, his "truck" and all the variations thereof, will always be the most interesting part of any conversation, no matter how he pronounces it! ;)
Cookie said…
That made me laugh out loud.
ddority said…
me too. each time i read it.

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