A Dose of Chamomile Tea

Not sure if you remember our previous adventures with Peter Rabbit?(http://houpley.blogspot.com/2010/04/stop-leaf.html)

But with this outrageously cold weather we have been having, I was getting a little worried about him and his home underneath the deck. And while he and Eric may disagree about who is actually in charge of the tomato garden during the summer months, it has been below zero for days and blizzard conditions for weeks now and I hated to think of him hungry and cold.
So the other afternoon I sprinkled a little bit of bird food on the mound of snow that is currently our deck.
We waited. And waited. I started getting nervous. I could see the greedy, beady eyes of the squirrels starting to eye the sprinkling of seeds from the corners of our yard. You know how they always beat everyone to the buffet. So, were was Peter? Was he a rabbit-icicle? Were we too late?

Sure enough, just after sunset, Peter was very grateful.


Sylvie said…
Awww! What a great picture! Peter is a very healthy looking bunny!

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