Jackson discovered his piggy bank. He has also discovered an amazing ability to find loose change all over our house. Dimes, pennies, apparently they are hiding everywhere. At least in hidden places a three-year-old frequents.
We explained that he may save his change and at the end of each month he may take one dollar from his treasure to purchase any item he would like from the Dollar Store. The rest will go into his own savings account at the bank. Each month it will start all over again.
He agreed to the deal and finally at the end of the month he carefully placed his quarters into a zip lock bag and carried them into the Dollar Store. You would have thought he had won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. He was practically giddy and could only just contain himself.
He danced into the store and right away he latched onto a bag of jelly beans before even glancing around and I had to intervene.
We decided to do a little browsing before making any heavy decisions. Eventually he became so overwhelmed by the shelves upon shelves of brightly-colored trinkets he had to ask me to hold his money so he could inspect everything.
He inspected yo-yos, tiny puzzles, cars, whistles, squirt guns, nets, bug houses, pool floaties and cans of silly string.
Every item was met with: "Ooooohhh! Mama! What is THIS!?"
Eventually, he settled on a device that shoots a tiny car and matching airplane into the air. He proudly stood in line and handed over his money.
It was quite an event.


Sylvie said…
This is wonderful! On so many levels! Not least of which is the photo of Jack wearing his sunglasses pushed back onto the top of his head! :)) So Cute!
Houpley said…
yes, he is very serious about those glasses!

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