Literate Fowl

Jackson has been reviewing his collection of Valentine's from his friends. He takes them all out of his little bag and studies them over and over again. He really enjoys looking at the pictures and discussing their various features.
The other night while perusing the tiny cards, he slowly started to examine one in particular. I thought he was inspecting the mermaid floating across the top but instead he was studying the letters below.

"Mama!" he shouted. "This one is from Kelsey. Look it says 'Kelsey'."

"Let me see," I examine the pink and blue Valentine. "Why yes, it is from her. Jackson! Do you know what you just did?"


"You just READ her name," I shout, practically jumping up and down. "You were READING!"

There was a long pause while Jackson processed this new piece of information. Or at least I thought that's what he was doing, when he finally lifted his head from inspecting the card and with a big grin said...

"Chirp! Chirp!"

What a weirdo.



Sylvie said…
I'm sure that was just a way of expressing pleasure but even so, kind of not down with the bird noises! ;)

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