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We are in the process of remodeling the hall bathroom. Something that we have divided into four phases. Phase two was last weekend and involved putting in a new vanity and then realizing we needed a new toilet as well. I'm sure we made more than 15 trips to Lowe's during this ordeal. While Eric and his friend worked on installing, uninstalling and re-installing things, Jackson was in a frenzied state.
He loves nothing more then helping, observing and working with Daddy during home projects. And whenever safety allows, Eric is always willing to let him participate. But there were a few stages of the project - specifically when it came time to use the saw - that meant Jackson had to stand back.

Not one to consider this restriction a set back, Jackson set to work on his own project.

I gave him a few of the big pieces from the giant cardboard box the new vanity came in and explained that we needed several holes put into it. Jackson agreed to the task. I left the room having no idea he would go all Bob Villa on me.
I checked on him a little while later and he was in full on This Old House mode.
Safety goggles and all:

He takes his work very seriously.


Sylvie said…
What a man! And that immense polarbear appears to be overseeing the project! Very cute.
Anonymous said…
The bear does look particularly interested. Maybe he needs safety goggles too.

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