Wild Thing

Last week, when picking up Jackson from school his teacher asked me if he had a book with animals. I wanted to laugh outloud.
Are you kidding? He brings me one of his many animal books to read on a regular basis.
We've got wild animals, barnyard animals, flamingos, frogs - he loves them all.
She seemed relieved to know he was adequately supplied with pages of animals.
"He loves animals," she said. "He does the sounds for animals all the time."
That's my boy.
You need a cow sound? done.
A monkey? taken care of.
A fish? did it last week.
A lizard? he's on it.
An elephant? he's got it wrapped up.
Horse? Sheep? Lion? Snake? Bunny? no need to go to the zoo. You can hear it all in Jackson's room.


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