Stirred Up

Jackson has always been a fan of food. Almost all food. In fact, the only thing he didn't eat was baby-food-peas.
So it goes hand-in-hand that he also loves to cook.
Who would think that stirring could move someone so much?
I was cooking a stew and while the vegetables and broth were heating up, I let him hold the large spon and stir the pot. He was so thrilled he paused to look at me with such astonishment mid-stir. After a good stir or two, he was ready to taste and let mama taste, too.
Next, we moved on to making a dip. I have a tiny blender and once everything was set up (during which Jackson was intently observing) I let him press the button to make it work. He was ecstatic.
He also relished every minute of putting chopped beets and potatoes into the pot.
He is a very good helper and during the prep work he asissted with getting out pots and pans and cookie sheets.
The best part was when he paused to turn his head toward me with a big smile as if to say, "Are you seeing this? This cooking stuff is outrageous!"
He also loves to get "involved" with his food. The other day I got a text message from his teacher with a picture of Jackson stripped to the diaper and covered in cool whip. He was ahving the time of his life.
Over this past weekend, he once again enjoyed beng a sous chef. He helped mom make cookie dough and was very interested in making pancakes on our last morning there.
She asked him to sit on the counter (with assistance, of course) and explained that he could watch but not to touch anything. He folded his tiny hands together and stuck to the rules.


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