Tiny Hellos

Jackson has learned his first joke.
It began on the way to the airport to pick up Sylvie.
In the dark, from the back seat I hear:
"mama?" so quietly....
I turn around in my seat...
"Yes, Jack?"
"hi." he grins back, so very pleased with himself.
Of course, we also find this very funny and laugh as his tiny hellos are just adorable and so cheeky.
He repeats the joke with Eric as well.
He repeats it all the way to the airport and on the way back.
He repeats it on the two hour drive to Fort Smith.
And even now, every morning before school....
"Yes, Jack?"
"hi," he says turning his head to the side. So tiny and soft and just out of the side of his smile.
Like a child's first well-worn knock-knock joke, he has practiced it, tested it, perfected it, and he thinks it is funny every time.
Even after hours, no, days of repetition he still finds the humor in it.
And of course, so do we.


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