Cute Things #332 and #217

#332: After a long day of school and playing with mom and dad, Jackson will take his bath, get in his pjs and ask for the large cushion on the big red chair. He will point to it and say "night-night." So I will put it down on the floor for him and he will put his head on the pillow and take a little rest. Sometimes he will put his whole little self on it to rest. Sometimes I will rest my head on it too and he'll put his face next to mine to quietly rest and cuddle. It's probably one of my most favorite things to do. I hope to cuddle him extensivley until he squirms away from me and into teenageness. It's so much harder to keep boys cuddly. I feel like I'm investing in his cuddle-future.
#217: When there is something very dangerous for Jackson not to touch, we will point to it and say "no-no." For example, we point to the Christmas tree, say how pretty it is and fragile and that the lights are so colorful but also "HOT!" So every now and then Jackson will walk up to it, spread out his hands like he is warming them at the fire and say: "HOT! HOT!" And sometimes he will look up at it and say "no-no." But last night for the first time, while playing a silly game with his pacifier, I took the pacifier out of his mouth. He waved his index finger at me and politely said: "no." So I said, "ok." and gave it back.
It may have been our first argument.


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