You know how a kid always finds your weak link? That little chink in your armor that can help them wiggle on out of trouble?
For example, my best friend used to always tell stories about how her mother would be on the warpath chasing her around the base of the staircase, but if she could make her mom laugh she knew she might be able to squeeze out of the jam.
Looking back, my folks were the same way. If you could slip in a relevant joke to the situation, you might diffuse your punishment. Our whole family has always been one to appreciate and respect a witty comeback.
Well, it seems Jackson has discovered my weak link.
When things are not going according to his plan, like let's say he wants to jump into the pool just "one more time" even after it's time to go, he'll break out the stand-up. He's got a fairly expansive repertoire of material. He might make a crazy face, use this ridiculous silly voice that cracks me up or start to flip-flop his head left and right like a crazy loon while asking, "Please? Please?Please?" with each head bob.
All tactics that crack me up and melt my resolve.
Ok, one more time.
But when even a silly voice, wacky dance or humorous observation doesn't work he pulls out the big guns.
He will deliver a kiss.
This morning, for example, while getting ready for school Jackson was really stalling and we were running out of time.
"Jackson! Hurry! Put on your socks!"
"I am!" he said while lying on the floor investigating a piece of yarn in the rug.
This goes on, until finally we have got to go and everyone is out of patience.
"Jackson! I mean it! Let's go!"
When he knows the situation has reached the end of its rope, he will skip over to wear I am sitting with my arms outstretched reaching to put on his socks for the twentieth time, and he will deliver a tiny kiss right on my knee, or maybe on my forearm, or on my cheek.

And that is when I dash to the kitchen and give him all the chocolate in the world.

How did you wiggle your way out a jam? What tactics did your kids use?


Anonymous said…
Lengthy stories complete with "voices" was always very effective.

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