Dress Code

Summer is officially here in our part of the world. With temperatures rising, we've enjoyed running through the sprinklers, heading to the pool and generally enjoying the outdoors.
With the season, comes some classic kid moments like enjoying a popsicle on the deck after supper.
This works out well because who cares if there's any spillage on the deck?
I also ask Jackson to take off his shirt before handling his orange popsicle. A typical parent-precaution that allows you to just hose off the kid after the popsicle has been devoured.
He had no problem with this and was sitting at the patio table enjoying his icy snack when he turned to me and offered me a taste.

"Mama, would you like a bite?"

"Sure," I said leaning over for a taste when he stopped me and snatched back the popsicle.

"Wait! Take off your shirt, first."


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