Be Specific

After a long weekend of traveling, Jackson and I spent a day puttering around the house. After his nap, we were snuggling on the bed and talking about our recent trip to New York, when he suddenly said, "Stop, mama!"
"Stop what?"
"Stop cuddlin' me."
My heart shattered into a million pieces.
But just before the tiny pieces of my heart sprinkled onto the floor, I thought to clarify, "Stop cuddling and stop smooching you? Or just stop cuddling?"
"Just stop cuddling," he said. "You can keep on smoochin.'"
Whew. That was a close one.


Sylvie said…
Hahahahaha! Yes, familiar feeling! Pretty sure the cuddling is still okay too from time to time. Just as long as you know who's in control! ;)

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