Parenting Tip: Good Eats

I'm always researching magazines, web sites and other mothers to find out fun, easy, helpful parenting tips.
I thought I might share one tiny tip that we do to ensure Jackson continues to eat healthy meals. Maybe everybody already does this?
But I thought I was so clever when I stumbled upon the idea.

My tip: Baby Food
Carrot Soup, Pearsauce, or Mango Surprise?
When Jackson moved from baby food to solid foods, it got a bit harder to make sure everything he was eating was healthy. So every now and then I still purchase DHA, vitamin packed, organic baby food and dress it up as an addition to a meal.
I'll heat up the carrots, pour into a bowl and sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and he devours it.* Sometimes, in the fall, I dress the soups up with a bit of milk and some small pieces of ham. Baby food pears? A tasty breakfast. And Mango Surprise? Add a few strawberries and voila: Dessert! Of course, he gets real fruit and veggies, too. But I like to think of it as a way to fortify the growing boy. Especially when we've been on the go (as we have been for the past month!). Suddenly, it will occur to me he hasn't had any veggies in the last few days because we've been traveling, at a hotel, etc. Zap a little Gerber Sweet Potatoes and it gives me some time to unpack the bags and restock the fridge without having to give Jackson any more "convenience" foods.

What are some of your easy culinary tips when it comes to healthy foods?

*It must also be said that Jackson is generally a very good eater. I know of some children who won't even allow baby food in the grocery cart!


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