Humour Me

Every Friday, Heather at the site Family Volley posts a great, easy-to-do family game.
We are fans, because typically each game requires items you already have around the house and they can be easily altered for whatever age group may be participating.

As you can see below, we have all ages participating in our game night.


Heather Johnson said…
Ahhh, thanks for the shout out and for the pictures. It is nice to know that the ideas and games are working for families. Makes my week.

Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the picture of your little boy with the cotton ball "stuck" to his nose. He will laugh at that for years to come. He should like this Friday's also. Easy and fun. Have a great weekend.
Sylvie said…
On my iphone these pics looked like they had marshmellows on their noses. Not sure what the game is, but marshmellows could only make it better, right? ;)
Anonymous said…
Marshmellows would be great. Jax get sooo tickled looking at everyone else with the cotton balls. It was so funny even if cotton balls do give mee the creeps.

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