They're At My House

I know I still have a few months until Jack's second birthday but I have been toying with a theme for a while:

Where the Wild Things Are

Eric loved this book. I loved this book, and now Jack loves it. Only he calls it "Max Book."

Anyway, I have a few decorations for the theme, then found out about the movie.

Check it out. It looks fantastic:

And then I stumbled across this entry on one of my favorite blogs.

Had to share with you.

I also saw this link where one mom went a little nutso. But that costume is just adorable:

I really love her idea of basing birthday parties on favorite children's books in the future especially because Jackson's room is book-themed already.

What birthday themes have you enjoyed in the past?


Sylvie said…
Love this idea. But of course what would you expect from a former children's librarian? ;)

Chris climbed out of his crib at 15 mo. and fell to the tile floor ONTO HIS FOREHEAD! We were standing in the room but not expecting him to climb out of course. He had a HUGE bump and bruise, but we didin't know to watch for signs of concussion or subdural hematoma (We weren't doctors and had no experience of head injuries!). But no lasting damage. All you can do now is tell him not to do it again! ;)

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