Keep It Spicy

Just as I was dozing off last night, Eric climbed into bed with a bag of Hot Nuts to snack on.
Let's be clear.
A bag of peanuts.
In the bed.
There was much cracking, shelling, chewing, etc.
But the real kicker was when my totally naked husband called over to my side of the bed to announce:
"Hey babe. Check it out. There's a hot peanut in my belly button!"

And, indeed....
...there was.

Welcome to my marriage.


sylvie said…
You should be on real housewives of new jersey with theresa! Did you see tuesday night where she told this whole story about how her husband was so turned on by her boob job that he wanted to have sex in the car on the way home from her surgery?!!!! It was hysterical.
Anonymous said…

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