Reach For the Stars

"yesterday's moon"
by free to go (

Upon arriving home after school, I scooped Jackson up and out of the car.
He suddenly gasped.
Pointing toward the sky, he declared: "Moon! Mama! Moon!"
I agreed.
"Yes, it is the moon."
He stared back at the half moon barely visible in the blue sky.
"Hug?" he asked of the moon, his arms spread wide to embrace the Earth's satellite.
The boy knows no bounds.
"One day, when you are an astronaut, you can land on the moon and give it a big hug," I responded.
He giggled.
I giggled.
It was funny because everyone knows there's no way mama's ever going to let you be an astronaut. Silly boy!


Sylvie said…
Was this it?
Just happened to see this and have my camera with me as I was walking Lola yesterday.
I hope Jackson continues in his attitude that if you like something, you hug it. Hugging is the best!
Sylvie said…
Oops, the link did not transfer when I posted the comment. You'll have to go to my flickr page to see Jackson's moon. xo
Houpley said…
love the pic. how interesting we were all moon-gazing simultaneously.
as for the hugging - it is out of control. he wanted to hug a little girl at the dr's office, the air conditioner this morning and regularly hugs pictures in his books. recently, he hugged the three little bears sitting on chairs from his counting goodnight moon book!

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