The very first night we returned from our trip, Jackson achieved another milestone.
Moments after I had gently placed him in his crib, we heard a sickening thud. One glance toward the nursery and there he was walking out of his room, into the hall and complaining about a bump on his head.
Slight chuckling.
These were the emotions swirling our faces as Eric and I continued to stare at each other with disbelief.
We knew it was bound to happen.
Of course it would.
But...but...I guess we just weren't ready.
Denial was the second stage.
Taking immediate action we removed the bumper pad thinking the few inches it provided was giving him the height to fling a leg over.
Toddler exiting his room.
My mind was shuffling through pages of baby books trying to dig up a solution. Should I break out the conversion piece of the crib? Dig it out of the attic right now? Does he sleep with us tonight?
After all of our jetlag from the day, it was not a pleasent moment.
Eric was still in denial. How could this kid cirque-de-solei it out of the crib?
So, we placed him once again in the crib and Eric peeks in to witness the feat.
I will tell you it is something you should see if you ever get the chance.
A wobbly toddler, mimicking a bank robber hopping out of the window with no fear on his face - just determination.
He pulls up and leans forward, then flings his torso back and to the left just enough to get a leg over. Then the other. The rest he just banks on luck as he lets go and free falls to the floor landing on his bottom.
Then he hops up and out the door.
We were filled with a mixture of fear for his green bones, pride for his skills and hilarity at this awkward acrobat.
Eventually, Jackson relaxed after being away from home and settled into sleep.
In his crib.
In the meantime, Eric and I are living on borrowed time.


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