Father's Day

Best Father's Day Ever!!! Started the day with my lowest score ever in golf (any golfer knows this is rare), short side job that went perfectly (any electrician knows this is very rare), had a good steak and watched Fanboys which turned out to be pretty funny (again a rare find when it comes to spoofs [Wayan's brothers kiss my ass]). The correct punctuation is a shout out to my hot wife trained in the ways of AP style.
On a serious note Amanda's Father's Day card pretty much brought me to tears. I hope this blog gives the reader a glimpse into how wonderful she is. If I am a good father it is only because I have such a great partner to lean on. Jack is on his third antibiotic in six weeks, he inherited my Eustachian tubes, and you can hardly notice. Amanda's consistent love and guidance matched with his inherent good nature makes my job easy. These are the good times and all too soon I will miss them.
Jack will one day be a good man and I am already proud of him. It's funny...being proud of a person less than two years of age but that is exactly how it feels. When he hugs the dog, says please, manipulates his parents with a timely "sorry" or "okay daddy," you can tell his heart is in the right place(or is extremely smart...hmmm the force is strong with this one). I feel like I am a part of that. I had something to do with that.
Fanboys had a line that said, "Everyone needs a Deathstar." That one great achievement that you can ride out the rest of your life on. Happiness and pride can be by themselves hollow and fleeting. You can get happy from a roller coaster ride or a drink at the bar. I get a sense of pride at the seven pars and one birdie I got today. But the kind of happiness and pride that comes from being a father carries you. It is day in and day out and it never goes away. It makes you walk taller and with purpose.
The ancient Greeks thought this kind of happiness came from leading the virtuous life. I think it comes from feeling your son nuzzle you with barbeque sauce on his face knowing that one day he will be a good husband and father.


Sylvie said…
Well I'M sobbing!
No wonder your wife and kid are so crazy about you! Kind of like you quite a bit myself! ;)

Beautifully written and even more beautiful to know that you mean every word. Love you honey. xo
ddority said…
i agree that true happiness comes "from feeling your son nuzzle you with barbeque sauce on his face". i envy you.

p.s. i think it is wayans' or, at the very least, wayans's. the last name is "wayans" not "wayan".
Anonymous said…

I know how proud your dad is to have read your words!
Kathleen said…
I'm speechless...
Anonymous said…
It is so good that you are able to sort of "stand back" so that you can appreciate all the richness in your life.
michelle s said…

Very nice. You are a great dad, and I'm glad you had such an awesome day.
Anonymous said…
In my normal search for information my day typically starts by browsing ESPN.com, CNN.com and FOXNEWS.com. In that order, and the later because I believe in keeping an eye on the enemy. I leave all three typically feeling empty. The first, primarily due to the Cubs whoes, the Lakers victories and the Cowboys shenanigans. The last two because of the strife, rhetoric, sensationalism or a combination of all.

However, on this day things changed. I just read, by far, the best Father's Day writ ever. Eric, well done, well said and thanks man.



Where in the world did this come from....."Happiness and pride can be by themselves hollow and fleeting"!!!!! Simply and absolutely beautiful. Wow!!!

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