Eli's numbers, machines, blood gases, pulse ox and oxygen rate have had no change.
We have been told this is a good thing. While there have been no major improvements...there have been no further deteriorations. This is how we get closer to stable.
The long term goal is to get him stable and then eventually wean him off his numerous medications and machines.
But for now, we focus on the fact that his information stayed the same throughout the night.
It is difficult to see him like this. Every time we visit him we want to scoop him up into our arms.
It is impossible to believe that I have yet to hold my baby.
But I know he is where he needs to be. Those machines are tiny miracles.
The nitric oxide is our miracle. We have even heard the NICU nurses refer to Eli as The Nitric Baby. So far it appears as though the nitric is working to relax his artery.
Our happiest moment came early this morning when we learned they had decided to start giving him small feeds of breast milk. We would like to think that this small connection will give him more strength and love to heal.
We continue to pray and hope for our sweet Eli.
It means so much to us to hear your encouraging words and prayers. We keep them close to our hearts during some of the darkest moments.


Jill Crawford said…
Amanda and Family - I just now read your blog and found out about little Eli. I'll be praying for him that he will be healed completely! And for your family for comfort and peace.

Love, Jill
JA said…
I can't even begin to imagine what you all are going through at this moment. Know that I am holding you all close in thoughts and prayers. I believe in my heart that Eli is a miracle baby.
I love you,
Anonymous said…
We are praying for baby Eli! I am a big believer in the power of modern medicine and the miracles of God. God bless you, Eric and big brother Jackson with comfort and strength.
Love, Lori and Steven
amy said…
My heart is breaking for you, but I have high hopes that Baby Eli will pull through. Please give lots of love from Aunt Amy & Uncle Rob!
Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Tulsa. Love you all very much. ~Emily

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