Eli has been hard at work.
At 5 this morning, they decided to start taking him off of the vent. Eric and I were terrified. It is hard to let go of a machine that has been keeping your baby alive. But the doctors explain that a vent, while helping you breathe, continues to bruise your lungs, so much so it will take more than a month to recover from a vent.
When we arrived at the NICU, he was still off the vent. A big accomplishment. As of this blog entry he is still off of the vent.
I must admit I waited to write this post as I am so afraid that at the end of these graphs, something bad will happen. Every time we walk into the NICU we steel ourselves for the worst. But so far today, Eli has been working hard. His tiny chest struggles with each breath but he is doing it. He is working those lungs. It looks like so much effort but he must learn.
We pray that Eli keeps up this hard work. He tires easily and once during his occupational therapy session he stopped breathing. After a gentle reminder from the OT, he jumpstarted himself but it was terrifying.
He is still on oxygen. And they had to stop feedings today as there has been blood in his stomach. They plan to start feedings again tomorrow and hopefully he will respond to it better. The doctors think this may be due to his body trying to handle everything that has been happening to his tiny body.
We have been told to minimize his stimulation and keep things quiet. But tonight was very special as I got to change his diaper. Hard to believe something I would normally be happy to have someone else do was the most precious moment of my day. They let me take his temp and soothe his forehead while he was weighed. He now weighs 6 lbs and 13 oz.
He was not happy to be moved to the scale and complained loudly.
Music to our ears.
Eric settled him down by reading him Seuss' Oh baby, the places you'll go. He seemed to respond to our voices as he has slowly started opening his eyes. It was very emotional to watch Eli listen to the ups and downs of the story.
We pray he keeps making these baby steps toward healing.
Miracles are happening every second in this NICU room.
We pray they keep happening for our two year old niece sweet Stella, as well. She is starting a difficult journey fighting brain cancer today. Please pray for these sick babies. Our family feels under siege right now.


Anonymous said…
Our deepest thoughts at every moment follow your steps through these terrifying days. Our Souls connected we are praying for you. Please give Eli a Swiss kiss the next time your with him - Love Chris
Anonymous said…
So happy Eli is making progress. With the Lord's help and guidance he will make it thru this struggle and come out a healthy young fellow. Praying for Eli, his parents and all his caregivers. May everyone be blessed through this journey.
Danna Hoffmaster
House of Daniel said…
Eric & Amanda,
Just wanted you to know your NW AR relatives are following the progress of Eli & praying for a rapid healing!
David & Lolah Daniel

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