Birthday Boy

Today is yet another birthday milestone.
Today is not only Eli's three week birthday, but it is the day he was actually supposed to arrive.
My dad picked up a tiny cupcake to celebrate.
Eli celebrated with a bath.
His first sorta-real bath. He didn't seem to mind at all and enjoyed the water.
Eli is also celebrating today by finally having some eyebrows and eyelashes appear. Such a good boy.
We have even caught his dimple during a few fleeting smiles.
Happy the boys have matching dimples. Jackson is even excited to one day wear matching outfits. I plan to take advantage of this before he changes his mind. Jackson is so in love with his tiny brother. He loves to kiss the top of his head and I catch him breathing in his brother's scent. He is so happy to tell him all about Christmas.
In the meantime Eli's appointments are shaping up. Eli will have his echo cardiogram and chest x-ray at the end of the month as well as his SoonerStart evaluation. Hopefully all will go well.
Eli is still such a funny breather. It is hard to watch the spells and even harder to not stare at his chest/belly all day. I am trying to learn to trust him to right it himself. Most times he does, other times I just can't wait that long and have to give him a nudge.
He is still nursing like a champ and sleeps well ... during the day that is.
He is definitely one of those babies that spits up quite a bit/often but we are working on that and as always are open to any tips/advice.
His eyes are looking much whiter/less jaundice and are open for longer periods of time.
They are a beautiful shade of blue.
Happy birthday, baby.


dearie said…
Happy birthday, Eli! We're so glad you're hitting it off so well with will have a great First Christmas with him showing you all the ropes. You are so loved by your great-grands, Dearie and Poppa
Jill Crawford said…
So happy for you all. Loved the most recent twit-pic. He's a handsome fella! I'm still praying for you'll and also checking CaringBridge and praying for Stella.

dearie said…
The "Bear Fan" pix arrived on Poppa's smart phone while we were attending a gathering of UCA friends, so you can imagine what a hit it made! Thanks! Dearie
Lori said…
Spit up tip...if it doesn't seem to cause him any pain when he spits up and he is gaining weight, then don't be concerned. There are happy spitters and they get along just fine as long as you have plenty of wardrobe changes available! Ha!

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