Taught by Tomato

Our vegetable/herb garden not only produces lovely green peppers, basil, parsley and several varieties of tomatoes but it has taught Jackson how to care and nurture something.
He helps weed and water on a weekly basis.
It has taught him his colors as he waits for the tomatoes on the vine to ripen.
He tries to be patient while he stares at the in between tomatoes resting on the window sill. He checks every day, if not several times a day, to see if they have turned a bit more red.
It teaches him how to be gentle as he places each tomato into his basket to carry back into the kitchen. Even tiny leaves of basil are sometimes carried directly to the kitchen counter with great reverence.
But to learn that the results of his hard work are so tasty in his spaghetti dinner may be the biggest pay off.
Caring for a growing garden - a classic learning tool.
I highly recommend it.
What did you grow this year?


Anonymous said…
I was never thrilled to have to weed in the garden. It was particularly unfun when it was hot or wet or buggy, but I loved having helped grow food. And looking back, it seems one of the very significant memories. Gardens also smell wonderful and I guess the worms deserve a little something to eat too.

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