Good Read

Just finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Thick with emotion, each page is littered with some of the most delicate descriptions. Once you've digested some of his unusual phrases, poetry and graphs, you realize that is exactly what that particular emotion looks like. I highly recommend it.
What are you reading?


Cookie said…
I'm reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. It's about Frank Lloyd Wright's affair with Mamah Cheney.
Anonymous said…
Of course loved "The Book Theif" for so many rich reasons. But "Loving Frank" was not one of my favorites. Guess I just couldn't get past their self indulgence and the price the children had to pay.
Houpley said…
Cookie, A+ for doing your homework assignment.
Cookie said…
Thank you! I agree with Anonymous, Frank and Mamah are brats. But it's sure making me want to visit Taliesin.

Last book club we did "The Red Tent" and this time we're doing "Out of Africa." We've also done "Beneath a Marble Sky" and "Thirteenth Tale."
Anonymous said…
Read "The Thirteenth Tale and loved it. Also loved "The Red Tent", except for the smelly goats, of course. The Author is quite the credible scholar. Just finished "The Help" and thought it was so good. Still trying to decide if it is just that the cultural context is familiar to me, though. Also recommend "The Shadow of the Wind" for a very "satisfying" story.

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