Jackson: I tickle daddy?

Eric: Oh no! (he laughs as Jack's fingers scrunch around his neck)

Jackson: I tickle mama?

Amanda: Oh no! (she also laughs appropriately)

Jackson: I tickle me?


Sylvie said…
Remember "Tickle me Elmo"? I wonder if you can still buy those. Must check immediately. xo
Sylvie said…
Would we want a used TME? If it is really clean and new-looking? Just asking because there are a couple on E-Bay.
Houpley said…
he has one from andrew. but he wasn't very thrilled about it at first. kind of intense. but we bring it out every now and then and he gets a kick of it sometimes. may have to bring it out again.
Sylvie said…
There's a new toy, a set of gloves called Elmo tickle hands that comes with a DVD, but to me that also looks creepy. But maybe it's cute. Does he have that also?
Houpley said…
they are creepy! also i'm not sure why the commercial tries to make it a kind of hip-hop thing.

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