Paw-Paw's World

After fighting down a fever for two days and seemingly feeling back to normal, Jack headed to school Monday with what appeared to be good health…
…only to be "carded" by 9 a.m.
The giant, orange card screams from the front of our fridge that he can't return until later in the week.
It seemed he'd had a few episodes of a … shall we say ... unattractive "symptom."
With no family nearby, we are the parents that have to battle the PTO nightmare with our jobs.
Who takes this shift? Who has the least hectic day? Who has PTO to spare?
Eric was ready for an afternoon shift but the kid had to head home, asap. Monday and Tuesday are my busiest days so our schedules wreak havoc.
Much like the havoc that was happening in Jack's tummy.
I race to collect the boy, who’s happy demeanor belied his turbulent belly. Winning personality or not, fact was - he'd been kicked out.
Once home, I start to whip up elements of the classic B.R.A.T. diet and Eric has called to say he's on his way home to relieve me within the hour.
We tag team through a long lunch hour and have started to call in the ranks.
The Grand Ranks.
Like referencing a submarine’s radar, I scan my mental screen locating the whereabouts of each grandparent. Who is closest? Who is travelling? Who is working?
Think. Think. Think.
Activate The Nonnie.
She's stuck at work with an upcoming field trip and minimal substitutes available.
Move to Plan B.
Or rather Plan P.
Rumor had it he'd just finished a week-long shift and was off for the next few days. Eric woke him with an urgent phone call and as if by magic I could actually hear the Harley roaring to life as it headed down the turnpike toward T-town.
Thundering through turnpike tolls, Paw-Paw was on his way to rescue us.
Within a few hours, Eric and I were back at work and Jackson was thrilled to have Paw-Paw all to himself.
The two have been cloud-gazing, pepper-picking and potty training all day. Paw-Paw has even been teaching Jack the lyrics to his personal jingle: "Paw-Paw's World."
I'm not sure when Jack's ailments will vanish, or if the single "Paw-Paw's World" will be a top-ten hit, but I do know everyone in our house is thrilled that there's a steel steed resting in our garage and a Paw-Paw playing in the backyard.
... Eric may be most excited about the Harley part ...


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