Weekend Riot

With birthday celebrations, cuckoo clocks and a giant purple ball, we had an eventful weekend.
The family celebrated a cousin's first birthday on Saturday afternoon, which meant lots of visiting and lots of blue icing. Everyone enjoyed the chance to catch up and watch the little ones try to figure out how to mobilize themselves elsewhere - whether it be the littlest one trying to crawl away, Jackson trying to make out with the sweetest, oldest golden retriever I've ever known or the oldest (the 4-year-old) disappearing into the two-car garage.
That evening we spent with friends and their various children. All together it made for a wild good time. Mom noted that when we showed up for dinner at our friend's house it was neat and tidy and by the time we had left a Mardi Gras parade of children drenched in sparkling beads had tromped through.
And as soon as the parade dwindled away into the hallway, Snow White appeared and tiny plastic cookies were being made in the playroom- over and over.
Jackson was thrilled with their kitchens, beads and barnyards.
Sunday was full of crispness and sunshine so just before heading off we chased dogs, balls and wheelbarrows in the backyard.
Squeals, barks and giggles - it was like Cul-de-sac Disney.
It was a non-stop riot. And we wouldn't have it any other way.


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