I once wrote that every time I hear Jackson say the word "Mama" I hear an endearment, an "I love you." That remains true. Every time I hear it, the sound makes me happy to know that he can trust me, can call me for comfort, help or anything.
But these days the word itself has snowballed into entire paragraphs. Gathering meaning like a broom gathers dust bunnies, this word has become complete sentences, grand emotions, bossy orders and lengthy complaints.
So I thought I might jot down a few interpretations of the word "Mama" as currently used by a Mr. Jackie T.

Mama! MEANING: You have returned home! I am so happy to see you!
Mama? MEANING: Where is my (insert any item here)
Mama! MEANING: I have dropped my (item). I need you to promptly pick it up.
Mama! MEANING: I have officially completed my meal. Please dispose of this plate and leftover food.
Mama! MEANING: Let us commence with the reading of this text - ASAP
Mama! MEANING: This incredibly, teensy, tiny, practically invisible piece of trash is disturbing me. Please dispose of it immediately.
Mama! MEANING: Daddy is home.
Mama! MEANING: Did you see that crazy dog running around our living room? Oh it is so hilarious!
Mama! MEANING: I have drained this ridiculous sippy cup and no longer have a need for it.
Please, away with it.
Mama! MEANING: Hold my (pacifier, book, etc. ) while I take a moment to quench my thirst.
Mama! MEANING: Sit here.


Kathleen said…
I love the way you write!!
Anonymous said…
This is hilarious! And so true! xo
Anonymous said…
P. S. I guess you know that Anonymous is your diminished capacity old cousin Sylvie. I've tried every way I could think of to get an identity on here and it just keeps spitting me out. Sorry.
Anonymous said…
And then there is "MAma" said quietly but firmly to verify possesion and confirm proximity. That's my favorite.

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