So last night while untangling a load of wet laundry from the washer and chunking items into the dryer, something crumpled and bright red caught my eye.
This time it was a felt apple.
Ripe red for the stealing.
"Jackson, did you steal an apple from school this time?"
"Okay. Well. Are you trying to start your own produce counter?"


Anonymous said…
Too funny. What do they say when you return them?
Sylvie said…
Okay, I'm not the only anonymous, so i think I will try again to get a name!
Sylvie said…
Well, yay! That was easy. So, um, what were we talking about?
Houpley said…
his teacher said he adores the felt board and takes fruit and veggies all the time. she actually suggested we get him a large felt board for home.
Emily said…
As a kid, the felt board was always my favorite part of the library!

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