Bon Jour! Plee Bloom!

There are several languages floating around our house.
Eric and I speak English.
We also speak Dog.
That's right- we are able to communicate with Elvis on nearly every level. Sometimes it is difficult to conjugate a verb or two but for the most part we speak clear and fluent Dog.
We do not however speak fluent Jack.
There was once a Friends episode where Pheobe tried to teach Joey a few French phrases for his audition.
His interpretation of her French lessons were hilariously off-the-wall.

It would go something like:
Phoebe: Repeat after me: Je m'appelle Claude.
Joey: Je de coop plow.
Phoebe: Let's try it again: Je m'appelle Claude.
Joey: Je de plee bloom.

Evidently, Joey does speak fluent Jack.

Jack does have the basics down and knows/says more than 100 words.
But as we work on the advanced stuff, I end up laughing until teary-eyed.
Daily, I will sit with Jackson at the table, on the deck, out in the yard and will ask him to try a more complicated word or phrase. He will always try and adds a smile after each effort. And nearly every time it will begin just like Pheobe's French lessons.
Even when we break it down.
It is still very reminiscent of the Friends' episode:
Phoebe: Je.
Phoebe: M'a.
Phoebe:(delighted) Je M'Appele!
Joey: Pape flu!

Our conversations are similar. They go something like this:

"Jackson, how was school today?"
"Bee boop! Ticka. Ticka. Ticka."

Or maybe...
"Jackson, can you politely ask for help?"
"Do be ju ju. Hup, mama."

And also...
"Look Jackson, an elephant!"
"Jo be dup dup. Rock."

During his efforts, Jackson's added grin is part of his barter system of language. And it is, I must say, a good trade.

He smiles up at me and tilts his head to the side as if to say:
"See how I uttered three syllables and offered this sweet, toothy smile? Together it all makes your word, mama!"

And of course I always respond with:
"Plee Bloom!"


Anonymous said…
You posted on French and language, and your google ad is for Madrid! I guess that would be the Madrid where they speak French!
Houpley said…
i know! plus am i really that wrinkly?
Anonymous said…
Made me laugh just as hard as that Friends episode.

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