Weekend Wrap-Up

The birthday party was a hit. Nathan's mother had the backyard filled with outdoor toys, slides, fire trucks, trikes, etc. It was like a big playground with something for every age. Jackson toddled to each toy and loved the cars. But he eventually noticed the big kids were enjoying the motorized firetruck. Nathan let Jackson climb up and took him for a "drive" around the yard. This involved short spurts of about two yards. Then a turn. Then backing up. Then running into a shrub. Then two yards. And so forth.
We got it on video and I'm sure the neighborhood feels safer knowing these two "fireman" are on alert.
Pizza and cake were a big hit.
Lots of kids. Lots of balloons. Lots of sunshine. Lots of joy.
Nathan was a delightful birthday boy.
It is always entertaining to watch Jackson "learn" how to play with a new toy. I will have to keep an eye out at garage sales for one of those tiny cars.
I really enjoyed doing the whole "birthday/play date" thing. I think Jackson did, too. He came home and took a long nap.


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