To me, every time Jackson says "Mama" it sounds like "I love you."
There are many variations of the word and I love them all.
One of my favorites is when he touches my arm or chest with his pointer finger, looks around, and says "Mama" in a low tone like he just had to point out to anyone who may be interested (even when we are alone) that this is his Mama. He will feel the need to grin and identify his "Dada" too.
Another version, is when "Mama" really means "Please, can I..."
It comes out like a question with the last syllable going up on the end. He will look up at me, cock his head to one side, grin a bit and say "Mama?"
I wonder if I will always feel this way.
I wonder if when he is shouting "Mama!" from the Wal-Mart toy aisle because he desperately needs the latest so-and-so if I will hear "I love you."
I wonder if when he sarcastically whines "Mooooom" when I ask him if he has done his homework, if I will hear "I love you."
I think I will.


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