On the Edge of His Seat

Jackson had a fine time picking out a pumpkin. After strolling through rows of pumpkins he enjoyed sitting on the edge of the pumpkin platforms most of all. He also wanted to eat the tiny pumpkin he picked out.

This "edge-sitting" is very exciting. Really, a whole new world has opened up before him.

Needing to be sat upon.

At home:
"Can you please lift me up as my cookie tastes all the more delicious when sitting on the edge of the sofa?"
And then, he looks up, cocks his head to the right and begins pointing at the couch cushion a zillion times saying "uh?, uh?, uh?, uh?, uh?" until you get what he is trying to tell you....you silly, clueless, grown-up!
But the best part is when you are lifting him up to sit on the edge, he begins nodding his head up and down so much like a grown-up, as if to say "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you. This is exactly what I was trying to tell you."

During our evening walks, he has really discovered how perfect the size of the curb is. It makes for a perfect seat. Our walks are interruppted multiple times for Jackson to have a quick "sit-down" on the curb.
He would like for you to join him.
Examine some leaves with him if you don't mind, share a stick, etc. and then we shall resume walking.


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