Zippers and Sidewalks

They say it's the girls that are prone to drama.
They say boys are easier because there is less drama.
Our household is full of drama. 

During a particular chilly morning, I made sure each boy put on their hoodie prior to heading out the door for school.
I kneeled to zip up Eli's red coat. As the zipper neared the top, his eyes widened.
"Don't choke my heart!"

The city is installing sidewalks in parts of our neighborhood. 
Every day, we would note the progress of the digging, the cement, the sod, etc. 
However, the sidewalks are not on our street. 
Car rides to and from soccer would consist of much pondering out loud between me and the boys about whether or not we would eventually get a sidewalk on our street.
"Yes, Jackson?"
"Do you think we will get sidewalks?"
"I hope so."
"Me, too. Because then I could play on the sidewalks and not get squashed and then have a funeral and then have no soul."


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