Each night, Eli sleeps with a lovey. They provide comfort when tired or frustrated.
He has quite an assortment. This may be due to his mother fueling his collection with precious loveys she randomly finds when shopping.
Most of them are small squares of satin and have a tiny animal head topper: giraffe, cow, puppy, lamb and so forth.
They all have different names: elephant lovey, puppy lovey, brown lovey, big lovey, zebra lovey, lamb lovey (which for the longest time he pronounced "yam yuvey").
Only one does not have an animal on it. It is just a blue satin square.
The other night Eli was talking to cow lovey. I handed over the animal-less blue lovey as well.
"Here, Eli. You can talk to this one, too."
"No, mama. This one doesn't talk."


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