Easter Letters

Unfortunately, Eli was too sick to go to church yesterday and participate in the egg hunt. Jackson took part and was sure to collect a few eggs for his brother. 
But Eli regularly has the spirit all year round.
Once while my mother was driving him somewhere, she was startled when he suddenly and loudly testified from his car seat:

Jackson had an ABC book that shows tiny pictures of all things starting with a particular letter. Eli now loves it as much as he did.
For the letter E, it shows a picture of Earth. I pointed to it and told Eli this was Earth to which he responded:
"Earth? That's where Jesus lives."
Later we get to the letter G. I point to the Globe.
"Globe? Oh, he lives there, too."

While rocking Eli to sleep, the glider always creaks and groans. We've used it daily since Jackson was born so it has a few complaints.
Eli asked me why it was squeaking.
"It's old. I guess Daddy should WD40 it again."
"No, mama it's WXYZ!"


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