What Song?

Theatrics – we’ve got some.
Who doesn’t love a good show? A silly dance? A whirlwind of living-room gymnastics? A costume-filled talent show?
The boys – they do it all. Non-stop entertainment.
But Eli has discovered he has a real knack for DJ-ing.
Last Saturday morning, it was 8 a.m. and we were doing the classic parent-weekend-sleep-in-dance, where Eric and I try to hang on to a few more precious, teeny-tiny moments of fake-almost-sleep while Eli dances in our hair. 
Sometimes you can catch 20 or so more seconds by just letting Eli ramble and sing and chat away during a good snuggle. 
During this particular morning, Eli started singing a little Happy Birthday. When he was finished, he popped his tiny face into mine and asked:
What song? What song, mama?
Slightly taken aback, I struggled to think of a song that Eli would know the words.
Ring-around-the rosie?
He responded by launching into the tune. After about two and ½ lines in, he once again popped over and asked: What song?
After three-lines of the stellar tune…
What song?
Row-row-row your boat?
Two lines in and I’m asked again. Only now he has caught on to his personal adorableness and when he pops into view he asks super fast – like: Whasong?
Itsy-bitsy spider?
His repertoire is generally coupled with hand movements and at times he even provides his own applause. We'll start booking weddings by the end of the month.
Send all information to Whasong, Inc.


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