Roll Call

Eli is right in the middle of the roll-call phase. 
Every activity – working, laundry, sleeping, eating, walking – are regularly assigned to the people around him and even those who live elsewhere.
The roll-call game is one of my favorite because he drags it out and sing-song-says it like a little grown-up. As if his list is almost as exhausting as the actual activity he is checking off.
Here’s how it works.
Eric will be working on a project in the garage:
Mama? Daddy workin.’
Silence while contemplating this information and then a sing-songy unleashing…
Daaaaddy workin.’ Eeeeli workin.’ Jaaaaackson workin.’ Granddaaaad workin.’ Eeeelvis workin.’ Izzyyyy workin.’

Apparently, there is a lot of working going on around here.


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